Oct 12, 2009

A very important news

A very important news,
as China blocks the blogspot where I build my blog and shop...
what's more all the proxies are disabled by GFW for the 60th anniversary,
I can't update the selling page any more since the middle of September.
So I opened a temporary page. Sorry for the troubles and confusion...

New fullset and imperfect eyes here,

It seems that China looses the block since I can update news here finally,
but the link is down so quickly that I don't have enough time to post more.
( It takes me two days to post this news here.)

I'm building my new site, (it's still underbuilding.)

At last, introduce two fullsets.

The Green Dam girl and her bunny.^^


hebbe said...

I think it looks great! The combination of the magazine page layout and the more classical backgrpund and colours is just fantastic. Great work! Just the way i like it. :)

Merry said...

They look so sad... But I like the colours on them :)


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Rod rico said...

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Bhoomi Desai said...

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