Sep 25, 2008

tiny shoes

These shoes fit to tinies.

$3.3 for 4 pairs.

click the picture to see the large photo. Thanks.

1-7-9-10-13-14-15-16-18-19-21-23-30-33 in the pic are not available now.


Anne van said...


do you know when shoes #30 will be in stock again?


DD-ANNE said...

They will not be in stock...I can't find these shoes any more ><

Sandi said...

Hi^^ I just wanted to be sure. I know you said that particular shoe will not be restocked. but will any of the ones that are not available now be restocked? I am interested in the number 23. Can you tell me, is it smaller than the others like it? It seems much smaller in length than number 21 though they are the same style. I don't suppose you recall where you got it or what doll it came from? I'd love to get it.
Thanks so much and I apologize for giving you so much to read!^^;

DD-ANNE said...

I have a pair of No.23 in stock. They have better quality than the pair in the picturs and as big as No.21.^^ They are Kelly's shoes.

Anonymous said...

Hi ^^

I was wondering if you still had 17, 32, 34, and C ? Thanks!

DD-ANNE said...

yes, I have.^^

Anonymous said...

Awesome! ^^ I'm working on my doll order now, so I'll add those to it.

Anonymous said...


I was wondering do you still have 4, 6, 32 and A in stock?



DD-ANNE said...

Yes, they are instock.^^

Alex said...

Hi ^-^
I was wondering if you had A, 8, 11, 12, and 34 still?
I'm a contact of yours on flickr!(: