Jul 18, 2009

zombie babies No.7-tiny Near elf sp



Zombie babies N0.7

tiny Near elf sp

Pricesold out
Include1. tiny Near elf sp in zombie skin, with face up
2. a pair of acrylic eyes, blue
3. a black fur wig
4. outfits






It's headache for me to design this boy, tiny Near elf.

Actually, I have many imagines of girls in my mind,

but less boys, especially young kids, 10cm tall...

I can not expect him to be as handsome as these 60cm- tall brothers

and I don't want him as cute as girls, otherwise, to me, there will be no difference between boys and girls.

So maybe some of you have already noticed that Near or tiny Near looks different with the boys in same size.

Well, at first, I gave him a pair of whole black eyes, just like demon's eyes in Super Nature.XD

Later, changed to tiny Hexad's pale pink eyes, but at last, I chose a pair of blue eyes for him.

And his outfit was changed a lot.

I've planned him as the master of tiny Hexad, but he comes out like a waiter... >0<

zombie babies No.6-tiny Hexad sp



Zombie babies N0.6

tiny Hexad sp

Pricesold out
Include1. tiny Hexad sp in zombie skin, with face up
2. a pair of glass eyes, pale pink
3. a silver wig
4. outfits







I think I paid more attention on the girl this time.

I got her imagine, bloody maid, in my mind before I started the work, so the whole process moves smoothly.

She is a sleeping tiny Hexad. I opened her eyes. The eye under the bandage is different with the one you can see.

I want to express that everyone has a special self deeply in their heart, which is different with what s/he looks.

I've planned to shoot a close-up of her eyes and I even prepared the soliloquy for her.

However, after finally managing to fix her bandage, I don't want to fix it one more time...

So...take her home and check by yourself.XD