Jul 18, 2009

zombie babies No.6-tiny Hexad sp



Zombie babies N0.6

tiny Hexad sp

Pricesold out
Include1. tiny Hexad sp in zombie skin, with face up
2. a pair of glass eyes, pale pink
3. a silver wig
4. outfits







I think I paid more attention on the girl this time.

I got her imagine, bloody maid, in my mind before I started the work, so the whole process moves smoothly.

She is a sleeping tiny Hexad. I opened her eyes. The eye under the bandage is different with the one you can see.

I want to express that everyone has a special self deeply in their heart, which is different with what s/he looks.

I've planned to shoot a close-up of her eyes and I even prepared the soliloquy for her.

However, after finally managing to fix her bandage, I don't want to fix it one more time...

So...take her home and check by yourself.XD

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