Jan 11, 2009

☆thanks event

thanks event

For who owned ver.4 tiny dolls, not including those on sale miscasts,

I offer a 5% discount on bare dolls to you.

*This discount can be used for only one order,

but no matter how many dolls in this order.

*No time limit on when you use this discount.

*If owners sell their ver.4 tiny dolls after they use their discount,

the new owner cannot have the discount anymore.

Please affix a photo of your ver.4 tiny doll to your order email,

when you want to use the discount.

The photo should be taken on the same day you make the order.

If you bought a second-hand tiny doll and not sure about the version,

just ask me.^^

My vacuum case leaked last winter and I didn't find the problem in time, so ver.4 tiny dolls have many air bubbles. Although no one complains these air bubbles to me, I still feel sorry about that...so this event is for you.^^

Thank you for your understanding.

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