Oct 11, 2008


Payment Method

1. Paypal balance https://www.paypal.com/

If you don't have enough fonds in your paypal balance, you need to choose Paypal credit card as payment method.
* How to get paypal balance? You can add fonds to your paypal account from an USA bank account or recieve payment from others.


2.Paypal credit card (there is a 4% fee) https://www.paypal.com/

You can link a credit card with your paypal account. Paypal will move money directly from your credit card.

3.Moneybookers https://www.moneybookers.com
Due to the exchange rate of Euros falls too fast these days, This payment method is paused.

Step by Step, How to pay


1. You will get a email to inform you get an invoice. You can follow the direction in this email.


Or you can login Paypal. Then you will see the invoice.

get invoice

2. The next page is to review your payment. If there is no mistake, click the 'pay' button to complete payment.


3. You will get a confirm email after I recieve your payment.

In stock items will be shipped in 30 days.
Pre-order items will be shipped in 50 days.
If I'm quite free, I will ship them earlier than expected.
If I'm busy...I will let you know if they will be delayed.
Please understand that this is a one-woman studio...XD

After I send them, I will email tracking number to you. Then, please wait your dolls arriving.^^ Please let me know if they arrive safely.


Zombor said...

Hello~ How long do we have to pay after we order?

DD-ANNE said...

I can wait 10 days for normal items, but 4 days for limited items.^^

Thank you.